Tech Articles, Observations and Hands-On

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Tech Articles and Observations and Hands-On

Is it me or am I ready to pull out my hair on how difficult publishers make it so difficult to read without popups or asking for money on a one time read? I tire of it and these  out of control companies have made it so one needs to use ad blocs, overlay removers, and more, I plan on editing and getting out my story on important medical reference sites, where to get real reviews, learning about possible scary surgeries and so forth so our consumer populace can be armed but realize the limitations. I am exciting to be doing a nice review on a simple but healthy NAS from Synology (DS218+) in this case. They do a strong jog of making low learning curve and easily set up NAS solutions for your home network, TV’s, etc.- and much more too! Down the road I want to get into repurposing or breathing new life into your older and very much usable machines. I am working on a rebuild of my HP Z800 now (well part II- time for more bells and whistles). Perhaps we can share sob stories. I am tight on funds and have even considered going back to refurb items I use on my larger mainframes (well not quite that).

BTW- don’t forget to set your Twitter messages to over 280 now

I will be sharing my trials and tribulations and hope to get a forum going with questions I can perhaps help or get us some guidance. So much to know and not enough energy drinks in the world! Looking forwar to kicking up our site a notch now and adios to those that will keep us from being a success, you know who you are local publishers and such. Sorry!

CYA soon my friends.


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