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The technological world surrounding us is fluid, constantly morphing into something new — whether it’s as simple as a new iPhone with new features, or perhaps a quantum leap in the systems handling our finances and banking. Let’s face it, it’s truly impossible to keep up with all the perpetually-transforming technology, even if you have all the free time in the world. That’s where I come in. I’m here to help you navigate the world of personal technology and, at times, beyond that.

My name is Brian Koch — “Bri the IT Guy.” I’m your run-on-of-the-mill, multi decade techie/nerd/guru — “that kid” growing up that would’ve been a perfect fit for the movie War Games. No matter what career I pursued, there was always a technology element involved and I typically ended up being the go-to tech support guy. I spent the last 15 years, roughly, at HP (previously at Compaq) running the gambit of designing multi-million-dollar storage solutions and ending up as a business planning manager for the company. Even when I wasn’t performing my regular job duties, I was constantly being pulled away for IT support for the poor souls in our offices. The rest of my tech background includes everything from running/designing websites, a computer repair and maintenance business, online web-based sales, database management, digital photography and editing, Microsoft support and licensing, and much more (phew!).

I’ll be your technology tour guide, aiding you in understanding the ever-changing world of tech. I’ll be digging into topics such as cord cutting — ditching your cable tv/satellite, eliminating contracts as doable, saving money, and, most importantly, getting what you want — and the creepy topic of Internet security — are you being hacked? — and the omni-present “Cloud.”

Productivity is another area of deep personal interest — the software and technology out there to make life easier and more enriching, like moving away from the refrigerator calendar and organizing life’s events on an electronic platform. The sheer number of productivity applications is overwhelming, but what are the best options in terms of pricing, ease of use, universality, and so forth?

We may take technology for granted, but it’s become an integral part of the world we all live in — constant updates on phones, computers and other devices included. It’s pathetic that when we buy a new device and find it without any instructions — looking at you, Apple — forcing some of us to turn to the Internet to simply understand how to use what we just paid for, learning by trial and error. We buy wireless routers, and other devices that some people rely on paying a variety of outside tech companies to set up with professional technicians — yeah, you, Comcast. We juggle with platforms that won’t “talk to each other” like Android, Windows, Mac, etc. What do we need to have so we don’t pull out our remaining hair? (My career shows proof of follicle devastation.)

As a consumer, like yourselves, I find navigating technology and how to make it work for us annoying, to say the least, but it can also be very rewarding. Just know that I am here to help you and look forward to tackling the complicated world we live in. There are solutions out there for the taking. I want to share my hands-on experience and expertise in computers and tech solutions to offer you answers without all the annoyances, and doing my best to keep it simple.

Here’s to our lives in the tech-world being more fun, and less a complication.

Brian Koch is an avid techie who’s worked in the tech field for dozens of years with Compaq/HP, his own 
pc business Techpertiseoutdoor photography, and more. He has lived with his wife Stacy in Colorado for over 16 years. E-mail questions, comments, suggestions to Brian: and follow him on Twitter @Techpertise.

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